He-Man HEYEAYEA: A Meme in 4 Acts

This is my favorite meme by far. Act 1 (1993): Linda Perry sings “What’s Up” Act 2 (2005): Slackcircus’ passionate cover of “What’s Up” featuring He-Man and Friends Act 3 (2012): Vostroyan loops He-Man HEYEAYEA for 10 hours Act 4 (2013): Sarah gets a He-Man Heyyeyaaeyaappy Birthday cake The End. Advertisements

10 Things I Wish Every Python Script Did

Python scripts aren’t supposed to be works of art, but it’s rare to find one that’s instantly usable. Here are 10 things I wish all scripts would do: 10. Set correct permissions A script that doesn’t have proper execution permissions makes me very angry. Set chmod a+x so anybody can run the script (unless it…